4k video file size


In this part, we will tell you the details, or the logic, about how to calculate video file size. Firstly, we need to know, or you may have known, that each video file consists of hundreds and thousands of images.

And one image is called a frame in a video file, technically. So to answer the question, it seems that we need first to figure out how to calculate one frame image.

Each frame or image consists of many pixels. And how many pixels exactly it has depends on its horizontal pixels and vertical pixels, or the resolution. For example, one 4K image with x resolution, then its total pixels are I guess this is not hard to understand, right.

What Is the Size of 4K Video on iPhone per Min/Hr and How to Downsize 4K Video

But the real question is how much storage one pixel takes up. If we know it, then the size of one frame equals that the size of one pixel times the resolution. To figure out how much storage one pixel takes up, here is another knowledge point that we need to learn about. It is Bit Depth, or called Color Depth. Bit Depth means the color information stored in one pixel.

Only when one pixel stores some colors, then the image can show us a cat, a dog, a flower, or something else. The bigger the number of the bit depth, like 1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit, bit, etc. The color of each pixel is the combination of the three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Each primary color is often called a color channel and can have any range of intensity values specified by its bit depth. The bit depth for each primary color is termed the bits per channel.

The bits per pixel bpp refers to the sum of the bits in all three color channels and represents the total colors available at each pixel. Here are some specific examples, which maybe help you understand those words above easily. This one is widely applied. Now we have pretty much get the Bit Depth clear. And in the following content related to Bit Depth, we will take the 8-bit per channel as an example to help us.

And at this time, we can also calculate how much storage one frame, or one image will take up. The formula, which we have mentioned above, is.

My 4K YouTube Experiment - Editing, File Size \u0026 Cost Considerations

Like we have said, we take the 4K resolution x and 8-bit per channel as examples. Well, bits are less likely to see out there. It would be much better to convert into megabytes MB. That is to say, for 4K video file with 8-bit Bit Depth, the size of one frame is 8.Note: 1. Now, based on your iPhone space capability, you know how long of the 4K video your iPhone can store without eating up all your iPhone space. If you're not sure about the frame rate your iPhone 4K recording supports, check the following part with specific iPhone model, 4K video frame rate and maximum 4K video length.

Compared with p or p, 4K Ultra HD video is really space-hogging, which can instantly eat up your iPhone free space as you can see from the above list. You'd better to compress 4K video to p or reduce 4K video file size if you don't wanna take forever to upload 4K video to YouTube or directly delete large-sized 4K video to free up space.

And to compress 4K video file size, there are several ways to reach this goal. No matter which way to go, the primary condition is to find a solid 4K video processing software. The world's No.

Of course, the whole 4K compression is lossy in quality. But don't worry. Then open and run it on your computer. Or just drag and drop 4K files into this No. Note: you need to transfer 4K video from iPhone to Mac or Windows computer first.

Tap settings icon to enter the parameter settings window, where you can compress 4K p to p resolution and change 4K 60fps to 30fps or 30fps to 60fps at your willing. Find and click the scissor-shaped icon "Edit" and then you'll be re-directed to the video editing zone, where you're able to use "trim" feature to shorten 4K video length and utilize "crop" feature to remove 4K video image border to further shrink 4K video size.

Improve 4K video processing speed:. The 4K Ultra HD video processing is a compute-intensive task for the ordinary Ultra HD video converter, for the common tools rely on software decoding and encoding to deal with 4K video processing. Using MacX is a different story.

4k video file size

You can see the hardware encoder will be auto ticked if your computer supports them. Then, leave the rest to this software and your hardware to process 4K at world's No. The output 4K video will automatically open after the conversion is over. It also allows you to compress 4K p to p and change 4K 60fps to 30fps or vice versa to reach your goal. How to Upscale p to 4K p with Better Quality.

Solution is Easy as Pie. Digiarty Software is not developed by or affiliated with Apple Inc. Secure Download. Free Video Resolution Converter Try free video resolution converter to change video resolution.It surely is possible that you get here just out of curiosity and it doesn't matter to you how big a 4K video file would be. But I guess people who really care about 4K file size should mostly be those who intend to record, download or play 4K videos however using a device with limited storage.

It is true that we are almost in the 4K Age. Even over-the-air TV broadcasting is already on its way. However, 4K file size remains a problem, despite having been cut in half with the use of advanced HEVC codec. Some of us may still have to make do with p for some time and that's why a hardware accelerated 4K video compressor is needed to help fast resizing 4K videosdownscale 4K to petc. Here is what we can get from the above table: 1. Moreover, there is a minute limit for 4K video recording with Samsung Galaxy S10, probably in consideration of the big file size of 4K.

So technically, you can download a minutes feature length 4K movie on Samsung Galaxy S10, but it won't let you record 4K at 30fps longer than 10 minutes.

4k video file size

Besides, a 4K video clip recorded by professional cameras is mostly bigger than that by mobile phones. Based on the configurations we listed above, it is easy to calculate how much space a 4K movie video will take up on different models. Next we will show you how many feature length 4K movie videos at 30fps can be downloaded to your iOS, Android and camera devices:. Of course you can simply delete those 4K files to revive your phone.

Better to use a 4K file transfer software that can cut down the long time taking for transferring large-size files. Get to know what affects 4K video size first: Generally, video file size depends on the length of video, bitrate, FPS frames per second and codec. Changing any one of them would help resize your video files in 4K.

Besides, a top 4K video compressor is a necessity to facilitate the whole process, saving you the time and trouble to calculate settings.

It can fully utilize computer GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the large 4K video decoding, processing, encoding, thus, let the CPU of your computer free from huge burden. So it is easy to resize a big 4K H. Just convert 4K H. Is there really a big difference on file size between 4K 60fps and 4K 30 fps? The answer is yes. Here is how we do the test.

Go to youtube. Click the gear icon at the bottom right corner, choose Quality, and then you can switch to p 60fps. Seemingly, there is only 60fps option.

4k video file size

But if you copy and paste the video url to the YouTube download function part of WinX 4K MP4 resizer, you will see there are two outputs options under the same resolution, format and codec, but in different file size. Actually, one of them is 4K 60fps while the other is 4K 30fps. So it is true that you can change 4K video file size by adjusting frame rate. Step 2: This time click the gear icon next to the trash can button and click into the parameter center. Note: Changing frame rate to resize 4K video is not appropriate for all, for example extreme sports videos.

Besides, we only recommend converting 4K 60fps to 4K 30fps instead of 24fps or Step 3: Choose x from the dropdown list of "Resolution" under "Video Options" and press button RUN to compress 4K video to smaller at fastest speed with hardware acceleration.

See also: Is it possible to convert 4K to p via Handbrake without quality loss? Check here Resize 4K by Lowering Video Resolution. Brent Archer is an experienced editor who loves all things related to social. He has spent more than a decade writing instructional contents related to social media, streaming services and video related topics all over the internet for Digiarty.

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Easy Online Video Size Calculator [4K Included]

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How Big Is A 4K Video File & How to Fast Resize 4K Videos with Hardware Acceleration On

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4k video file size

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