Mistero sulla luna, cè una massa metallica nel lato nascosto


Disabled Theme Effects. Remember me. Toggle navigation Nibiru This is a discussion for the topic Mistero sulla Luna: massa metallica nel lato nascosto il the board Astronomia. Mistero sulla Luna: massa metallica nel lato nascosto 25 Risposte Visite. Si suppone possa essere: - una massa di ferro-nichel di un asteroide caduto 4 miliardi di anni fa rimasta sospesa fino a oggi, nel mantello superiore, tra la crosta della Luna e il nucleo.

Casualmente, proprio all'interno del cratere sta passeggiando il rover cinese Yutu Qualche suggestione?

Mistero sulla Luna, c'è una massa metallica nel lato nascosto

A me qualcosa viene in mente. Citazione da: AlieNico - 12 Giugnoam. Cerberus Anunnako Post: Questa massa, raccontano i ricercatori, di qualunque natura sia, sta spingendo il fondo del bacino Polo Sud-Aitken verso il basso. Ma anche che la stessa geologia della Luna, in quella determinata area, possa risultare maggiormente interessata dalla presenza di metalli. Citazione da: Cerberus - 12 Giugnoam. Uziel Extraterrestre Post: 6. Wildy Visitatore. Citazione da: Uziel - 12 Giugnopm. Citazione da: Savage - 12 Giugnopm.

Vedi come le notizie ognuno le interpreta come vuole Citazione da: Cerberus - 12 Giugnopm. Mi son chiesto come mai il caso LOL abbia voluto che Yutu fosse proprio li Ni hao mondo! SMF 2. Utilizziamo i cookie per personalizzare i contenuti e gli annunci, fornire le funzioni dei social media e analizzare il nostro traffico. Continuando la navigazione acconsenti all'utilizzo dei cookies. Va bene, grazie.Disabled Theme Effects. Remember me. Toggle navigation Nibiru This is a discussion for the topic Mistero sulla Luna: massa metallica nel lato nascosto il the board Astronomia.

Mistero sulla Luna: massa metallica nel lato nascosto 25 Risposte Visite. Cerberus Anunnako Post: Le misure comunicate sono tutte eventualmente da confermare e nel caso verificare E chi lo sa KillerMoon Extraterrestre Post: 8. Citazione da: Uziel - 12 Giugnopm. Il cerchio tratteggiato bianco invece delimita la zona sotto la quale si trova la massa metallica rilevata. Immagine degli autori tratta dall'articolo. Da dove arriva tutto questo metallo? La massa extra potrebbe essere un concentrato di ossidi di titanio lasciati dalla solidificazione di un oceano di magma.

The structure and history of this basin are illuminated by gravity and topography data, which constrain the subsurface distribution of mass. This anomaly has a minimum mass of 2. Plausible sources for this anomaly include - metal from the core of a differentiated impactor or - oxides from the last stage of magma ocean crystallization.

Uziel Extraterrestre Post: 6. Citazione da: kaloo - 13 Giugnopm. Citazione da: Cerberus - 13 Giugnoam. Citazione da: Cerberus - 14 Giugnopm. Citazione da: Uziel - 14 Giugnoam. SMF 2. Utilizziamo i cookie per personalizzare i contenuti e gli annunci, fornire le funzioni dei social media e analizzare il nostro traffico. Continuando la navigazione acconsenti all'utilizzo dei cookies. Va bene, grazie.La scoperta, descritta sulla rivista Geophysical Research Letters, si deve al gruppo dell'americana Baylor University coordinato dal geofisico Peter James.

Le due sonde della missione Grail hanno mappato il campo gravitazionale della Luna nel e nel per cercare di far luce sulla sua struttura interna. I dati avevano indicato un'anomalia gravitazionale sul lato lontano, in corrispondenza del Bacino Polo Sud-Aitken. Post popolari in questo blog 24 novembre - [I cerchi nel grano indicano questa data] luglio 10, Una interpretazione dei recenti cerchi matematici.

Sono apparsi di recente alcuni cerchi del grano che per la prima volta ci hanno trasmesso dei messaggi utilizzando le notazioni matematiche che usiamo abitualmente.

La data dice tutto. Continua a leggere.

mistero sulla luna, cè una massa metallica nel lato nascosto

Craig Hogan ha ipotizzato qualcosa davvero sconvolgente. Come quando proviamo ad ingrandire una foto digitale con il computer. Almeno dieci hanno dato manifestazioni in Italia. L'Istituto nazionale di geofisica e vulcanologia ci ricorda che sul territorio italiano esistono almeno dieci vul….Nordic visitor provided an absolutely outstanding service, with agreed content, care hire, transfers, hotels, road maps marked up with great places to stop and even a mobile phone in case of problems.

My wife and I have traveled extensively all over the world and worked with many different agencies and tour providers. This was the most well organized, thoroughly documented, best planned self-guided tour we've ever been on. We are very impressed with the level and quality of service we received and would not hesitate to recommend Nordic Visitor anyone. Travel from stations to hotel was quite easy.

We didn't need to walk far or pay for service.

L'uomo non è mai stato sulla Luna: le bufale sull'allunaggio

Hotel breakfasts were full on brunch fare in the USA that would have cost a lot. The service we received from Nordic Visitor was excellent.

mistero sulla luna, cè una massa metallica nel lato nascosto

Our Travel consultant Sara was prompt in replying to all of our queries and more than happy to accommodate any of our requests. The information that we received to support our self guided tour around Norway was particularly useful and enabled us to make the most of our time in Norway. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Norway and would definitely recommend Nordic Visitor to others. We loved the country of Norway - the scenery, the friendly people, the efficient public transport, the cleanliness - and would love to return some day, maybe to see the Northern Lights.

Thank you very much to Sirry for organising everything for us. She did a fantastic job, and everything went off very smoothly. We have come back to South Africa with very special memories of a wonderful holiday spent in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Sofia was very helpful. All the hotels were close to the central train stations. I will definitely book with Nordic Visitor again next we visit the Scandinavia. Sofia was very kind and patient about my MANY questions to her via e-mail.

She was thorough with her answers, and had me well prepared for this trip of a lifetime. Having a limited amount of time there, we did not want things to hang up anywhere along the way so we appreciated that all the accommodations were worked out, the rental car was worked out. It was nice to just hand over a voucher and have things taken care of. We were pleased with the way it all worked out. We got good suggestions from our travel consultant.The self-driving tour planned for us was everything I'd hoped, with a wonderful range of destinations and accommodations throughout.

In every case, arrangements were what we would have chosen, had we planned this trip ourselves. Iceland is such a hidden treasure we'd never known about and are happy to share our experiences with others and encourage them to visit your wonderful country of breath-taking natural wonders.

Amelia and myself really enjoyed the tour. I was very surprised that the tour was happening although there were only five of us. We really appreciate it very much that you made the tour happened as Amelia could not travel on other timings. Hotels were comfortable and meals were good. The tour itinerary met our expectation as we were introduced to what Iceland could offer as a whole. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and told us interesting stories. I have never heard of Iceland sagas before this trip.

mistero sulla luna, cè una massa metallica nel lato nascosto

He was so enthusiastic about the Northern Lights. I am so glad I saw it and he took a photo of us for our remembrance. After seeing it on 15 April he still continued to go out on subsequent evenings to see if we could view it further as he said that might a chance to see it. That was commendable although we did not see it again. Nordic Visitor is a knowledgeable, competent and effective travel agent for Norway. Its suggested itinerary for southern Norway produced an enjoyable and memorable experience that leaves one wanting more of Norway as well as other countries in which Nordic Visitor specializes.

It was well organised - all arrangements timed perfectly - good background information in the itinery We thought our guide was absolutely wonderful. I loved all of it, and I appreciated the amount of time we spent as a group and also the time to be on our own. The transportation from city to city was excellent, and the ferry ride to Oslo from Copenhagen was fantastic. Everything in the itinerary was in place and there were no hassles.

All the hotels selected by you were wonderful.Only categorical (nominal) variables or variables with a relatively small number of different meaningful values should be crosstabulated. Note that in the cases where we do want to include a continuous variable in a crosstabulation (e. The simplest form of crosstabulation is the 2 by 2 table where two variables are "crossed," and each variable has only two distinct values.

MALE FEMALE FEMALE FEMALE MALE. A B B A B. The resulting crosstabulation could look as follows. In general, this table shows us that more females than males chose the soda pop brand A, and that more males than females chose soda B. Thus, gender and preference for a particular brand of soda may be related (later we will see how this relationship can be measured). The values in the margins of the table are simply one-way (frequency) tables for all values in the table.

They are important in that they help us to evaluate the arrangement of frequencies in individual columns or rows. Thus, the differences between the distributions of frequencies in individual rows (or columns) and in the respective margins informs us about the relationship between the crosstabulated variables.

Column, Row, and Total Percentages. The example in the previous paragraph demonstrates that in order to evaluate relationships between crosstabulated variables, we need to compare the proportions of marginal and individual column or row frequencies. Such comparisons are easiest to perform when the frequencies are presented as percentages.

Graphical Representations of Crosstabulations. For analytic purposes, the individual rows or columns of a table can be represented as column graphs. However, often it is useful to visualize the entire table in a single graph. Stub-and-Banner tables, or Banners for short, are a way to display several two-way tables in a compressed form. This type of table is most easily explained with an example. Let us return to the survey of sports spectators example.

In the table above, we see the two-way tables of expressed interest in Football by expressed interest in Baseball, Tennis, and Boxing.

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The table entries represent percentages of rows, so that the percentages across columns will add up to 100 percent. For example, the number in the upper left hand corner of the Scrollsheet (92.

Further down we can see that the percent of those always interested in watching football, given that they were always interested in watching tennis was 87.Robin, United States Iceland Complete, July 2014 We wanted to tour Iceland on our own, but knew nothing about where to stay, what to see or how long it might take to drive ourselves from place to place.

Art S, United States The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia, July 2014 We just returned from an awesome nine day trip with visits to Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Sanjeev, India Four Corners of Iceland, July 2014 This review comes a little late but then better late than never. David, United Kingdom Majestic Highlights of Norway, July 2014 I was very pleased with the whole experience.

William and Marilyn, United States Iceland Grand Tour, July 2014 The map provided to us highlighting the route and where the hotels were located, as well as attractions, was extremely helpful. Robin, United States Iceland Complete, July 2014 We asked Alexandra to try to get us the best rooms possible that were also quiet, if possible.

Fahad, Kuwait Iceland Complete, June 2014 It was a thoroughly-planned trip from A to Z with many options to select from and add to the trip depending on the location.

Elizabeth, United States Pearls of the South and West, June 2014 Our hotels were perfect. Wayne, United Kingdom Pearls of North Iceland, June 2014 All aspects of the trip exceeded my expectations and the service from first contact to arriving home was excellent. Neva, Canada Scenic Fjords of Norway, June 2014 The location of hotels so close to trains was excellent. Karen, Australia Highlights of Scandinavia by car, June 2014 Excellent assistance and communication from Jennie and wonderful accomodation.

Chris, United States The Classic Scandinavian Roundtrip, June 2014 I travelled with family to Denmark, Norway and Sweden this month and had a fantastic time, thanks in large part to the excellent job that Nordic Visitor did in coordinating my trip. Donald, Canada Iceland Full Circle, June 2014 My wife and I took the Iceland Full Circle self-drive tour in early June. Bradley, Canada Romance Around Iceland, May 2014 Our first time in Iceland and the staff at Nordic Visitor made the whole experience so easy and hassle free.

Cyndi, United States Iceland Complete, May 2014 I had done enough research to be dangerous and overwhelmed. Kimberly, United States South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, April 2014 We had a wonderful time. Graham and Sylvia, Canada The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia, April 2014 We felt that every aspect of our contact with you was professional and excellent and are very pleased we chose to book through you.

Colin, United Kingdom Winter Romance, March 2014 We had an excellent holiday although it was a shame that we didn't see the Northern lights. Iskandar, Malaysia Iceland Full Circle - Winter, March 2014 Beautiful country accommodations. Bill, United States Northern Lights City Break, February 2014 I travel alone throughout the world.

Laura, Canada Golden Triangle - Starting in Copenhagen, February 2014 Cecilia Markov (the person I was working with predominantly at your company) is AMAZING. Young0419, United Kingdom Northern Lights City Break, January 2014 Even though, I couldn't see any northern lights, it was a good experience to visit Iceland.

The "Norway in a Nutshell" has provided me a good perspective of Norway. Geoff and Maria, Australia Icehotel Winter Adventure, December 2013 The Ice Hotel was AMAZING, what a concept. Anina, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, November 2013 Our holiday was exceptionally well organised.

Phillip, United States Iceland Full Circle - Winter, October 2013 Overall it was a well planned trip. I missed the daily breakfast when the trip was over Maryna and Michael, United States Express Iceland, September 2013 It was one of the most free and liberating vacations we ever had.

Geoffrey, Australia Iceland Full Circle, September 2013 Larus was excellent right from our first enquiry and always replied promptly to emails. Neil, United Kingdom South Iceland at Leisure - Winter, September 2013 We had a wonderful time in Iceland and thought that the whole trip was organised very well indeed. Maryna, United States Express Iceland, September 2013 It was the most amazing trip we've ever had. If you need some private time with your very close friend or partne David, Ireland Nordic Odyssey, August 2013 All hotels had obviously been well researched and were excellent.

Donald, Australia Fjords to Glaciers, August 2013 The help and professional manner in which Helena conducted our business was greatly appreciated. Jouce and Thomas, United States Golden Circle and South Coast, August 2013 To begin with, Hilmar was extremely helpful in answering questions that I had, via email, before the trip.

Agnes Lilla, Sweden Romance Around Iceland, August 2013 We both work in a very professional environment where we travel a lot all over the world. Greg and Rory South Iceland at Leisure, July 2013 The driving tour was perfect for us.

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