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Philippe Matignon is the brand that thanks to research and innovative knitting techniques, meets the demands of modern women. Elegance and grace, style and femininity, seduction and attention to detail, these are the characteristics that make the Philippe Matignon collections unique.

A sheer stay-up stocking with a slight sheen and a lovely lace top with double silicon bands Innovative seam free body, no gusset and with an anatomic waistband for perfect comfort Sandal toe, sheer to the waist and comfortable flat seams Metallic yarn for an added glamour of sparkling glitter A stunning and elegant look Perfect over sheer pantyhose in the winter or just by itself for a great funky look Perfect for spring and summer with a sheer body, comfortable flat seams, hygienic gusset About Calzessa The goal of Calzessa is to provide the best and most complete web shop for hosiery.

These exquisite pantyhose will give your legs a classic glossy look, perfect for wearing with your favourite skirts and dresses Elegant matte legs topped with a glossy welt. Will suit you for any style and any occasion, day or night Elegant and sophisticated or minecraft realms invalid session and seductive! Opaque pantyhose in soft microfibre. A semi opaque, classic and elegant pantyhose with a soft touch and silky shine.

An opaque, classic and elegant pantyhose with a soft touch and matte finish. Soft sock in viscose with a quite application of sparkling rhinestone and flowers on the outside ankle These semi-sheer pantyhose will flatter your legs with a smooth and even matte appearance Soft fashion sock with a bold stripe and two button on the side. Sheer black socks with a colorful glittering striped top.Philippe Matignon, international leader in luxury hosiery, represents a commitment to quality and design.

Philippe Matignon's unique aesthetic and extensive collection offers the stylish woman a variety of feminine tights, sheers, and opaque's in a range of colors and textures. Launched in the early 80's by Golden Lady Company, the strategy behind Philippe Matignon was to create a product that stands apart from other brands by incorporating technology that was not readily available in the market.

Philippe Matignon is a completely vertically integrated company producing hosiery in the most advanced facilities from start to finish. The collection is made using 3D Lycra, a process that covers each hosiery fiber with twice as many Lycra fibers as most hosiery brands, ensuring the best possible fit and comfort. Silicone is applied to the most popular thigh high styles in order to perfectly adhere to the leg.

Built on Italian heritage, Philippe Matignon is designed in Italy and produced in Europe and distributed in over 2, stores, Goldenpoint stores, and department chains internationally. Philippe Matignon brings the US market accessible luxury. Made to be worn with a garter belt, the Oro 15 stockings from Philippe Matignon are ultra sheer, with a Matt Finish and a high level of stretch to them.

They have a high, plain, and well-reinforced band, as well as a sheer toe and 15 Denier weave. These sheer, elegant stockings are ideal for evening occasions, or whenever you want to inject a little dose of glamour into your day. Extremely light, fresh and breathable 8 Denier tights. Particularly ideal in summer and with open toe shoes. The new Dorella tights from Philippe Matignon are extremely versatile. They are sheer enough to wear for an elegant evening out on the town, yet can also be worn at the office and in various seasons, particularly spring and fall.

With a 40 Denier, stretchy fabric, these tights are glossy and semi-sheer. They have a sheer to waist brief and a sheer toe, to match with all different types of outfits that you might pull together, adding a little bit of refined sheen. Size XL has back panel. A classic option in the world of glossy, sheer tights, the Jade 20 is a versatile design of hosiery.

Autoreggenti o calze+reggicalze?!?!

These have a 20 Denier, flat seams, a hygienic gusset, and sheer toes. They are ideal with short skirts or dresses, open toed shoes, as well as more layers if you prefer. Although they are transparent, they give the legs a little bit of glossy sheen so that you feel completely pulled together for that next special event.

Available in a range of glossy colors, including Bordeaux, Nero, night blue, and coffee, the Noblesse Brilliant tights are painstakingly crafted from a glossy microfiber of a Denier. These are plain, opaque tights that can be worn with a variety of different fashionable outfits. With flat seams, a hygienic gusset, and a sheer toe, they are in line with the latest trends regarding the use of new glossy yarns.One of the more fascinating aspects of the poll was the designers whose dresses were chosen β€” Kate has worn multiple garments by each of the 5 designers shown in the poll.

Obama in May of last year. Many thanks to everyone who voted in any or all of the polls, they have been loads of fun to put together. Seeing how you felt via your votes and reading your comments has been the best part of the process, I often gain more insight from comments than I do from online research.

Please note the hairstyles in the above 6 photos. From Misty, a thought about Kate looking lovely regardless of what she is wearing:.

A good point from The Way We Were :. Sounds like Erdem and Issa truly are the best brands for the future queen. I have way too many that would be criminal to choose from.

Love your posts as always! Pantyhose occupy a dicey place in the world of fashion. Couple that with ultra-fashion-forward stars like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Jessie J wearing sheer black hosiery, and you have a burgeoning trend. I included the following photo in an effort to show the sheen the hose have, something many noticed on Kate at times this summer.

Philippe Matignon itself is far more discreet, making no claims whatsoever about Kate on its new US website. From a description of the hose:. These luxurious hose are ideal for those occasions when you want a refined look with a touch of stand-out style.

Lycra has been added to the fabric to give it extra smoothness and durability. The most notable fact discovered while learning about the brand tonight?

Matignon offers a non-slip style in their ultra sheer my term 8 denier weight, the Cool Summer Weight Non-Slip Tights. I have not yet been able to verify if Kate has actually worn this brand or not. I have an inquiry in to Philippe Matignon, if we learn anything definitive I will update the post.

About Media Privacy Policy. Archive for Philippe Matignon tights. Posted by admin. Philippe Matignon at FreshPair. Philippe Matignon. Categories : ClothingPollsSpecific Designers. Categories Categories Select Category N.Tweet Share Send. Henceforth the "Noble Faubourg" gained a new lease on life, the proximity of Versailles being irresistible for an aristocracy who lived exclusively by and for the Court. He was a lover of gardens and intended to create a country park.

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Courtonne's design was highly original. Rising from a broad terrace, the main residence, a single-storey building crowned by a balustrade, comprises two suites of rooms. Access from the street is gained by a portico ornamented by columns. This archway reveals the main courtyard, bracketed by two low wings of offices and outbuildings, to the right of which are situated another courtyard, the stables and the kitchens.

The facade is broken by three advances. Those to the right and left house the staircases, while the central pavilion displays a magnificent balcony sculpted with lion motifs. Visitors' admiration is drawn by two singular architectural features: the segmented cupola of the entrance hall and, to its right, the first room to have been originally designed for dining. The facade seen from the garden runs the entire length of the buildings, concealing the main courtyard and the servants' yard.

Although the design results in a slight imbalance in the natural disposition of the mansion, it respects the placement of a central pavilion with three panels surmounted by a broken pediment bearing the arms of the owners. At the time, any "well-dressed" person was authorized by the owners to visit these splendours in their absence.

Inthe wife of Jacques de Matignon, daughter of Anthony I Grimaldi, succeeded her father as head of the principality of Monaco. Although he was open to the revolutionary ideas of the time, he was imprisoned on 20 September At his liberation a year later, he was ruined, and his property under seal. His sons obtained restitution, but were obliged to put the mansion up for sale in It was bought by Anne Eleonore Franchi.

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Calze Philippe Matignon: modelli romantici e di tendenza

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reggicalze philippe matignon

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reggicalze philippe matignon

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Philippe Matignon e Lycra: Metamorphosis

To the point, perhaps, of abruptly ending this turbulent passage at the head of the government. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.Tuesday June 5th, Italian hosiery and lingerie brand Philippe Matignon hosted an event at their showroom in the garment district to showcase their AW12 and AW11 and holiday hosiery collections.

Philippe Matignon is owned by the umbrella company Golden Lady and has been an established brand for many years in Italy, well known for their quality and superb design aesthetic. The company entered the American market just a few years ago and is having much success with its hosiery collections. At the event, buyers, press, and guests were treated to wine and snacks while observing the hosiery collections on mannequins and hung up displays.

In addition to the hosiery, Philippe Matignon also featured several pieces from their ready-to-wear collection, shapewear line, and a preview of their new lingerie line. With the AW12 and holiday collections the company featured a lot of jewel-toned colors.

Many of the knee-highs and thigh highs were accentuated with beautiful unique black lace in geometric patterns. Philippe Matignon offers two collections: classic and fashion. The classic collection is renewed each season according to the most current trends.

With the autumn fashion line the designs were much more structured and hinted at an androgynous appeal. The socks, tights, and leggings had many masculine qualities in terms of the materials and details used.

The true highlights of the two fall collections were several pairs of tights that featured mock garter detailing and the Croche Jambiere cotton leg warmers. This method of production also allows for the company to knit any range of patterns and control the level of compression to create control panels for the shapewear. The color palette of the sets ranged from pale pastels to sultry blacks. The bras come in classic silhouettes with clean lace overlay detailing.

What makes this collection slightly unique is the Italian sizing system. The pieces range from luxurious bodysuits to bodycon strapless dresses in earth tone neutrals.

Riche Collant β€” Semi-sheer statement tights with a beautiful floral lace pattern. Jour Mi-Bas β€” Gorgeous spiral patterned cotton knee-highs with a luxurious floral lace top. Virage Collant β€” Unique semi-opaque tights with a interwoven geometric pattern reminiscent of bricks. Baroque Collant β€” Multi-hued spiral opaque tights. Chaude Soie Parisienne β€” Soft viscose and silk sultry melange over-the-knee stay ups.

They are definitely on the right track producing high quality pieces that have just the right amount of trendy details. It will be interesting to see how this company grows and expands with the months to come. The Lingerie Journal. Wholesale Questions maytal revivalbrands. About The Author. Christi Reid Email: christireid[AT]thelingeriejournal. June 17, at pm.Philippe Matignon stockings are the perfect basic stocking to be worn with any garter belt.

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reggicalze philippe matignon

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