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This site uses cookies to provide an improved digital experience. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This fully-featured flexible solution lets you migrate at your own pace to minimize learning curves and maximize adoption speed.

You can simply migrate all of your current green screens to Android in minutes, so your workers are up and running, practically right out of the box. You can enhance your green screens with features that simplify tasks and boost productivity — for example, you can automatically turn text-based instructions into on-screen buttons. Or you can take complete advantage of Android by transforming your green screens into fully interactive graphic screens that maximize task simplicity, workforce productivity and your overall operational efficiency.

And since All-Touch TE is pre-loaded on all Zebra Android mobile computers and often pre-licensed as well, you get a great value — you have everything you need to migrate to Android the day your Zebra mobile devices arrive. The unique architecture of All-Touch TE eliminates the need to modify your host application. The result? Migration is no longer complex, time-consuming and costly. And you can even automatically translate your TE app into a wide variety of languages.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we make it easy to add a photo of a product to any screen. The new visual reference helps prevent costly warehouse errors, such as the misplacement of inventory that often leads to false stock-outs and delays in order fulfillment — or picking errors that can result in the delivery of the wrong items and lost customers. All-Touch TE automatically adjusts your screens to the display size, resolution and orientation of your Zebra mobile devices.

Create customized print solutions or connect your printers to the cloud with Zebra printer software solutions. Printer Software. With Zebra's Mobility DNA, connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user applications, robust administration utilities and effortless applications development tools. Expand the capabilities of your mobile computers to improve operational efficiency and workforce productivity with best in class software applications developed by Zebra Partners.

Accept and Continue. Login Register. My Zebra Register Logout. Zebra Blog. Select Your Language. All-touch Terminal Emulation TE.We get it. A lot is riding on making the right migration decisions. That's why we cover the topic from all angles in these must-see videos. Zebra Developer Portal.

Leave the rewriting to us approx. Discover how easy it is to migrate to Android.

zebra wavelink android

Read our infographic. Learn Google's plans for Android for the enterprise market.

Automatically start Ivanti Velocity Client using Enterprise Home Screen (EHS)

See how Zebra hardened Android for enterprise-grade security. Explore your migration options. Get expertise and tools on devising a migration plan. Migration is easier than you think. Take the path of least resistance with Zebra's services. Migration: Transition to a native mode Your telnet or web app presented on Android Easy implementation Industry standard protocols Optimisation: Streamline workflow Automated processes Keyboards and scanning Reduced training times Modernisation: Go at your own speed New HTML user interface Emphasizes important data Company branding and colors A mix of modernised and native screens.

Accelerate mobile projects with Zebra's Application Services Let us transform legacy mobile apps approx.Industrial browsers as a product group generally provide access to specialized device hardware e.

If you are using any of these products and transitioning to Zebra Android hardware, then this blog aims to give you your options:. Zebra and Enterprise Browser have a number of solutions to this challenge:.

Depending on your use case, your rendering engine may have been based on IE and therefore would not have supported the viewport meta tag. In order to get your page to render at a sensible scale on Android it will likely be necessary to include a viewport tag within your application.

Do not get confused with the Android implementation where no special config.

Pre-licensed Terminal Emulation Client

Examples include changing the caret width there is no caret on Android or specifying whether to display scrollbars Android does not support scrollbars. Keyboard APIs will be affected by the lack of physical keyboard along with similar APIs that depend on physical hardware not present on Android e.

As explained in the official migration guide for Enterprise Browser, if you are making use of any APIs that have neither the Rho or EB namespaces then a special Javascript file is required: elements.

To use APIs with the Rho namespace then the corresponding rhoapi-modules. Both elements. For the most part, the configuration file format has remained consistent between all versions of Enterprise Browser, RhoElements and version 3 of PocketBrowser. Over time however new defaults and options were added and it is therefore not recommended to just copy a configuration file designed for one of these older products into Enterprise Browser without modification.

You can change the EB engine as follows:. RhoElements 4. RhoMobile Suite 4. A brief migration guide from RhoElements 4. All the following advice and recommendations relating to the confg.

zebra wavelink android

Note that there was no RhoMobile Suite 3. RhoElements 2. As mentioned for RhoElements 4. A comprehensive migration guide from the RhoElements 2. Applications built for RhoElements 2. Most of the advice given in the SAP guide for Enterprise Browser would have already have been followed for the initial RhoElements deployment, for example the use of the KeyCapture APIs, optimizing performance by keeping the scanner enabled between page loads and not preloading unused modules.

For clarity, RhoMobile Suite 5. The generation following RhoMobile Suite 4. The former is built from source using the RhoMobile Suite framework: rake device:wm:production. The latter is a prebuilt application industrial browser delivered as a.

All-Touch Terminal Emulation

If you are looking at the migration guides for Enterprise Browser you will not see a migration guide from RhoElements 1.This site uses cookies to provide an improved digital experience. By continuing to use this site without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Your workers have time to adjust to new hardware, then gain a fully modernized user experience and workflows optimized to streamline their tasks.

Improve your perfect order rate and deliver to customers faster — all while minimizing the risk of operational disruptions to your business. Implementing Velocity retains your investment in your existing host system.

The solution can interface with your warehouse management WMS or other supply chain management system, just like Ivanti Terminal Emulation has always done.

Your workers carry mobile devices with bright, beautiful touchscreens. Bringing that customary user experience to their enterprise mobile apps makes it easy for them to navigate task screens and enter data more quickly and accurately.

With All Touch TE, you can even introduce content from external sources. For example, insert images into a picking task so that workers can visually match up parts with items listed in an order. Devices manufactured before then will require distribution of licenses. Please contact the Zebra Helpdesk for more information. Velocity User Guide. Velocity Scripting Guide. Velocity Quick Start Guide. View Archived Velocity Documentation. Accept and Continue. Login Register.

My Zebra Register Logout. Zebra Blog.

Zebra All-Touch Terminal Emulation power by Wavelink

Support and Downloads. Maintain Your Host System Implementing Velocity retains your investment in your existing host system. App Modernization Made Easy Your workers carry mobile devices with bright, beautiful touchscreens. All-touch Terminal Emulation product page.

zebra wavelink android

Who is eligible to run version 2. Contact Support. Steps for customers to run ATTE version 2. Zebra Software Download Types:. Unrestricted With Login. All Touch TE is on the device as Velocity.Enterprise Browser 2. The base EB installation includes all necessary components to allow a Windows development host to easily build device apps and set runtime settings for local or mass-deployment using Zebra StageNow or a mobile device management MDM system.

If migrating from another platformEnterprise Browser also can run apps built for PocketBrowser, RhoElements and the RhoMobile Shared Runtime, making it an ideal path for moving apps to a newer UI, device or platform. Use of the syntax window. Calls to this API will result in error. Support ends for devices running Android 6. An updated Barcode API adds the following new properties:. Therefore, app shortcuts are no longer supported on devices running Android Oreo and higher.

Documentation relating to shortcuts remains visible for devices running earlier versions of Android. See all supported Zebra devices. A new Bluetooth API allows Enterprise Browser apps to connect with disconnect from Bluetooth printers and scanners and to read from and write to them as applicable.

Now supports ViewPort configuration parameters for better screen fitting, including:. DOM injection has been simplified and made more powerful with:. Enterprise Browser 1. Separate downloads are now required for each target platform and each host platform. The following enhancements to existing custom on-screen buttons and keyboard features for Android have been added:. A new Android-only ButtonBar API permits a series of custom buttons or keys to be displayed on the screen and configured to launch an app, execute a JavaScript snippet or perform other operations available to the device.

See all supported devices. The following new substitution variables are now supported by Enterprise Browser for use in Config.

For details, see the Config. The new Customization guide shows how to customize the on-screen buttons on a device and how to include custom JavaScript snippets for use by the buttons or apps.

An updated Security Overview guide includes the new security-related Config. For Jelly Bean support, please use Enterprise Browser 1. Updated Sensor API - implements a proximitySensorType property to set the value of proximity sensor type or get its current value.

The following Enterprise Browser configuration tags are now supported on Android formerly Windows-only.

zebra wavelink android

New Security Guide - explains Enterprise Browser's numerous security features and provides links to their individual guides or guide sections. Updated DataWedge Usage Guide - adds detailed steps for enabling and disabling DataWedge based on the version installed on the device. About Enterprise Browser X. MX Version On Device: 4. Android Version On Device: 6. Save Changes Clear Changes.

About Enterprise Browser Enterprise Browser 2. New in v2.Evans zebra. We are now looking at the contract to see what our options might be but as of now, we are not able to develop this product.

All Touch Terminal Emulation Support

We are in the process now of trying to sort out thecontracts as well as creating a scope of work on what would need to be done. I would think by the end of May we should be able togive you an update. I have found StayLinked to provide a more natural migration path for TekTerm customers.

StayLinked's centralized server architecture has provided the totality of its users, since its very inception, with session persistence capability, licensing administration, centralized configuration, and remote support tools. With the introduction of touch-based Android devices, the range of features has now extended, including flexible data capture options through a variety of screen keypads, easy migration from text-based interfaces into touch-based graphical menus, and enabling seamless optimization of every form-factor, such as handheld, wearable and tablet, without any effort.

For example, keypads in the wearable are easily made transparent; font size in the tablets is easily expanded to fit the full width of the screen. All based on the original handheld settings without more than a few minutes of extra work. Software Application Details. When you compare these features with ivanti's Velocity -its Android telnet client- it becomes evident that the two software products play in completely different leagues. Ivanti's Out-Of-the-Box experience is similar to "putty", regardless of the device.

Any additional feature requires a complex array of software and servers of questionable reliability. For instance, Ivanti took almost 3 years to find out that its Session Persistence server did not work with Velocity. This means that nobody was using that server. Now that it is supposed to be "fixed" the question remains about whether there is anyone out there actually using it at enterprise escales.

Velocity was also known for not supporting the VT's emulation parameter "Answer Back" until recently. What else will break or miss? There is! You can visit www. Skip to main content.

Anonymous not verified. Answer from Laura Evans May. Log in to post comments. John Buchanan. Any Update here. I have. I have another customer requesting Tekterm for Android MC Alejandro Calero.Enterprise Home Screen 2.

These instructions provide a basic understanding of the installation, configuration, usage and essential workings of EHS, and are recommended for anyone unfamiliar with first-time EHS setup. Please note that everything detailed here also can be automated through a Mobile Device Management MDM system and with direct manipulation of the EHS config file, which is documented in the Advanced Settings section. EHS simply puts the capabilities into a single tool. Note : Installation and setup requires that EHS be present on a PC or Mac that can communicate with the target device and write to all storage areas.

If necessary, please download EHS and establish connectivity between the computer and device. Then resume from here. Enterprise Home Screen works with most Zebra Android devices. The EHS download package includes all three files indicated in the table below, plus documentation and release notes. The correct APK file for a particular target device depends on the device, its operating system and some additional considerations explained below.

TC70 KitKat Android 4. If installing a device-specific APK from the table above, be sure to substitute the filename s where necessary in the instructions. Further, the 'EHS Installer' app remains visible in the device's App Drawer following installation and should not be removed; doing so removes the ability to automatically uninstall all EHS components. Read about how to uninstall EHS later in this guide. Select Enterprise Home Screen and tap 'Just once' for now. This will allow easy switching between EHS and the Android launcher during setup.

This choice will be presented every time the HOME key is tapped until selecting 'Always' makes the selection permanent. A restart is required to complete the installation for first-time EHS installations. Again, a screen like the one above will appear.

Select Enterprise Home Screen and tap Just once to continue. EHS is now ready to use. The next steps are for selecting which apps to display and which to hide while in User Mode, and for configuring the level of user access to device settings.

When first run, EHS always defaults to User Mode, and will display a screen similar to the image below:. All apps intended for use must be installed on the device before proceeding. The Admin Mode screen similar to the image below will show all apps installed on the device.

Note : If one or more apps intended for use is not displayed, it must be installed before proceeding. Long-press an app icon to alternatively display or hide it from the User Mode screen. Depending on the app's status when long-pressed, one of the following messages will appear:. Repeat this step until desired apps are selected for display.

EHS provides extensive control over which device settings such as networking and resources such as cameras and the file system will be available to users when the device is in User Mode.

Administrators can allow complete control of all device settings, limit access to just a few settings, or hide device settings completely. For scenarios that require even more security, EHS offers Secure and Kiosk modes, which are documented in the Advanced Features section.

For a complete usage reference for the enterprisehomescreen. These instructions apply to remote installation of EHS, an enterprisehomescreen. If installing a config file or device-specific APK from the 'Supported Devices and APKs' table above, be sure to add or substitute the filename s where necessary in the instructions.

If desired, create an enterprisehomescreen. Otherwise, EHS will be installed with its default settings and apps.

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